Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Workout

Well it was my first day and so I was a little nervous as I knew I was in for a tough workout.  IT WAS!  I like the short drive from the studio as it gives me time to reflect, in this case gives my body time to rest.  The difference for me between going to the gym and going to a trainer.  At the gym you do your cardio and do some weights here and there but just enough to burn just a bit and then you leave and ahhh....I did my workout for today.  A trainer you do your workout and it hurts but you keep going because the person working with you gives you that push and encouragement and then when your like ahhh I did my workout body feels weak ...NO!NO!!!  you drink your water and do it all over again this time sweating and grunting (yeah never did that before) and when your done your body feels like jello and your like what just happened?  So yep got home crawled up the stairs, threw up but and feel it everywhere but you know what I knew it was not going to be easy cause if it was easy I would not be where I am right now.  So I will do my homework for the weekend and walk on Saturday and I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support, I am going to continue to give my 100%.  It may not get easier but it will get better, and I will get better.
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