Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have A Happy Halloween!

If your family is anything like mine, your children have already collected enough sugar to put a whole subdivision block into a sugar induced coma and they haven't even started to trick or treat yet. To reduce the amount of sugar brought into our house (and the sugar crash and burn tomorrow), we have changed a few things .

First, hand out something different. Why not hand out stickers, rings, or other non food items. Trust me, every parent will thank you. As a parent it takes out the stress of making sure all the candy is safe to eat.

Next, get a walk in. Leave the car at the house. Use those things called legs and walk house to house. And when you do get candy, pick a *few* (which is a couple not a whole bag) favorites and take the time to enjoy those. A few small  fun size candy bars can easily equal an hour of cardio or more to burn off. Ask yourself, is this candy worth the time it is going to take me to burn it off?

This year we informed the kids that the dentist was happy to see them on Monday morning. I honestly had one of my daughters put her candy up, brush her teeth, and dump her juice for water. Children are never too young to understand the purpose of food and consequences of over eating.  Too many people use the "it will make you fat" reason to kids. Children need to understand that weight is not the only problem with eating unhealthy foods. It is harmful to teeth, it causes you to be tired, you can't run as fast are all things children can understand. I'm convinced one of the reasons for childhood obesity is lack of knowledge. Not lack of information but what is shared with our kids. Most children can not even identify fruits and vegetables that are shown to them let alone tell you where food comes from besides the store. Or they lack the knowledge of what food should do, fuel your body. We have six children and we have tried to help them understand food should help you receive the vitamins, minerals, protein, energy, etc that you need. There is  not "bad" food or "good" food, just food that helps your body and those that harm. Children are so much smarter than we give them credit for.

Most important, enjoy your time with family. As my oldest turns 11 this year, I'm horrified to learn what they say is true, they grow up too fast. Be safe, be happy, and have fun. Happy Halloween.

Amy Edmonson
Champions Fitness Together

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  1. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is wise to start thinking of ways to stop some of the sugar intake as Amy said. We will all be on overload very soon if we don't think of alternatives now. I usually try to use yogart or breakfast bar as my morning snack. And my afternoon snack is veggies with a dip. I can't handle the low fat ones though. But it does keep me from stuffing everything in my mouth the minute I walk in the door from work.
    Like she said start walking too whenever possible, take advantage of the cooler weather. Layer your clothing and enjoy!!
    Anita Hartman