Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shirley's Update

Well I have completed a month.  I see the difference in my face, my legs and my arms....I am sure to see the results in my midsection soon.  I completed the 21 day challenge by not drinking caffeine or alcohol for 21 days. Yipee.  I feel I have done a pretty good job on my eating habits now that I am no longer on MY Fit Foods but I know I could always do better.  I found an app on my blackberry called Fat Secret that helps me track my calories when I eat out.  On the website My Calorie Counter I am tracking my food intake and my exercise daily.  I am trying to stay between 1700-1500 calories or less.  I watched the Biggest Loser last night and I sooo want those results.  I am going to push my self this month to exercise 6 days a week by walking/running when I can.  I have all the support and equipment to be successful so no excuse.

Thanks again for all the support!  I have dropped one size in clothes and 1/2 size in shoe.  Ill take it!

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