Saturday, November 6, 2010

1 Down 11 To Go, Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go!

Well my first week is over and hopefully that was the toughest part.  This week I did some intense workouts, did my first yoga class and learned about My Fit Foods and what I will be eating for the next 21 days.
The Workouts- Tough, but worth it because every time I leave although tired, I feel different, like I stand taller and more confident.  The trainers at Fitness Together are super FANTASTIC and even though they beat me up they do it because they know I can do it, and make me feel I can do it.  I have pushed hard and have come home feeling pain from my eyeballs to my toes :)  but I feel great the rest of the day and so I get out of bed and do it again the next day.  I love it!!!!
The Yoga- I had my first class yesterday and I will tell you it is relaxing.  I got to a point where I could not feel my arms or legs that's how relaxed I was.  Linda has such a soothing calming voice it really makes you feel like ahhhhhhh.  The deep breathing however is what got me as I guess I am not used to all the oxygen going to my brain and so I got light headed and had to leave the room.  I spoke with the nice girl up front and she help me to understand why I was feeling this way and that I was not the only one and that yoga is really good for me.  The staff at Cherry Blossom Yoga are really nice and I defiantly will be taking the next 11 classes and I am sure I will enjoy them.
My Fit Foods-  I meet with Ali at MFF and she was great and motivating. She helped me to understand the 21 day program that I will be going through and offered help whenever I needed it.  I meet the staff, got a tour and by the time I got home I already had my 21 day meal plan sitting in my inbox.  Ali sent me home with the Pasta for me and my family to try.  I will tell you my kids could not even tell they were eating something healthy because the food was very tasty.  I am excited to start on Monday!
Amy-  Amy has kinda become my personal counselor.  There have been days that I hit a bump or I have questions and she talks me through everything almost like she knows what I am thinking.  Every time I hang up with Amy I hang up with a smile :)  Thanks!!!
My Support Group-  Family, Friends and everyone reading this blog falls into this category!!  Thank you so much!  Week one down and 11 more to go!!  I am on pace to do GREAT!

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