Friday, November 5, 2010

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

It's Amy, again. I know you get to hear from me a lot. If you have met me this does not come as a shock because I can out talk just about anyone. I just wanted to update you on Shirley's progress.

Shirley has been able to meet with My Fit Foods this week along with Cherry Blossom Yoga. She is still coming in almost every morning to Champion Fitness Together. She is doing well. I know I can speak for everyone involved when I say it has been a pleasure to work with her. 

Thinking about Shirley's journey has made me reflect on my personal journey. All of us are on a path. We don't stand still, we move forward or we move back. When I was in my early teens, it bothered me how painfully slow I ran. It killed me inside that running was hard. I watched people who just seemed to be born to run. That however was not me. I started to run everyday. Slowly and not very far but it felt good to lift the limitations that I had. To this day, running is one of my very favorite things to do. I am still slow, it doesn't come easy. If I take anytime off, it takes me awhile to get "it" back. But what I have learned from running outweighs by far the struggle. I learned that I can do anything. That strength helped me to birth six wonderful children. It taught me that I have inside of me everything I need to succeed in life. It also taught me that I don't have to be perfect. I will never be the fastest. I can only be my fastest and that is okay. Running helped me learn to pace myself and push myself all at the same time. I love that I hate running but do it any way.

At this point in my life, I know that I am missing something in my path of health and wellness. It didn't take me long to realize that the thing I need to overcome now is my negative self talk that I have affectionately named Silva. And there is one way to do that, yoga. It may sound odd but I know that is the way to find self love.

I have struggled with yoga. I start my yoga practice and the first thing I do is fight the quiet. It may sound silly but the quiet scares me. It is never quiet in my world. See the line above about six kids. I can push Miss Silva away when it's too loud to hear her. I can let my children scream louder than she can tell me how worthless I am. I can run around until I fall asleep exhausted. I am a pro at being louder than her. But yoga that is a whole different story. When I practice yoga I come face to face with Silva. I start to hold a pose and Silva begins to tell me how I still haven't lost the baby weight. I have to tell her that I have a strong body that I love and am proud of. Then Silva tells me that I shouldn't be away from my kids, taking care of myself is selfish. I tell her that to take care of others I have to take care of me. I see how a certain pose is hard for me and I can hear Silva start to laugh. I tell myself that my best is good enough. I know yoga is the way I will learn to shut Silva up forever.

When this makeover started, my husband and I knew that yoga would be a valuable tool for Shirley. We all have our own Silva's, we just give her different names. To me yoga is like running. It isn't meant to be easy. The struggle is where you learn. You learn that you don't have to be the best, just do your best. 

I called Sara at Cherry Blossom Yoga yesterday. I told her I am coming in. I talked to Shirley and told her I'm going with her to her next class. I'm holding myself accountable to learn to quiet the Silva in my head. I challenge you to find the things that takes work, do them, and reap the rewards.

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  1. Amy it sounds like you and Shirley are making some progress! I'll be so excited to see her when this workout is over. I truly wish I could get with a one on one trainer. It is the best way to loose weight. I tried all summer working out and I only lost 10 lbs. I worked very hard on the weights, bike, and treadmill and even swimming but I'm not trained to know just what parts of my body to push. And with the holildays coming up it will be even more difficult as we are working 10-12 hr. days. We all need that balance in our lives. It is very difficult to achieve but if you have an oppurtunity to work with someone one on one that is the way to go.
    Keep it up,