Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Notes From a Personal Trainer

I'm going to say it now but your not going to listen. Come January 1st though,  our voicemail, inbox, and conversations will all sound something like this, "I'm trying to lose weight/get healthy/ fit into my skinny jeans, what should I do?" And the answer will be the same just two little words. Two words will solve those problems with the extra pounds from the holidays. Two tiny words are the answer to almost every problem you will ever face. It's called hard work no matter what any late night infomerical, pill bottle, or billboard ad tell you.

What's the best time to workout? Ask 10 different trainers and you will get 10 different answers. The same could go for just about any fitness question. But here is the truth, the best time to workout is whatever time you get off your butt and move! The best cardio is the one you will do! The secret is don't do it to fit in your skinny jeans, it's to make it a LIFE LONG habit.

But while I'm up here on my soap box(I kinda like it here, now I'm a whole 5'3) let's talk about  how to work smarter rather than harder. It always amazing me when I'm at the gym what I see and hear.

Example One: a woman "on the treadmill" reading a book. You then hear her complain that she spends an hour every day on this machine and lost 5 lbs in the beginning but now nothing.
Rule Number One: if you can read a magazine while doing your cardio chances are your heart rate is not close to being high enough to be effective at all. If the walk is to reduce stress, start a exercise plan, or if you are at your target heart rate by all means continue, if not PUT THE MAGAZINES DOWN AND SWEAT!

Example Two: a woman in the weight room  working on legs, legs, legs, and then some abs. This woman will complain that she lifts weights a few times a week but her body never changes.
Rule Number Two: DUH! Of course your body isn't changing. As I bang my head on the keyboard from frustration I still type this with love, you can't workout half of your body and expect it to change. Why women are scared to work their chest and back is beyond me. I know, your going to tell me it is because you don't want to look like a man. Good thing because your chemical makeup won't let you.  Guys have much more testosterone than women. That is what helps them build more muscles and keep it. In fact at the age of 35 women lose a half of pound a muscle per year. Not lifting weights or doing strength training could be one of the reason you put on weight during the pre and Menopause years because more lean muscle means more calories burned at rest. SO WORK YOUR WHOLE BODY!

Example Three: "I eat great but I still can't lose weight."
Rule Three: I knew a trainer that every time someone said that he would make a surprise visit to their house and raid the fridge and pantry. Funny how the story changed. Be honest with yourself and the calories you eat. Losing weight is a simple   math equation. Eat less than you burn. If you are truly eating well and still can't lose the weight, see your doctor. It could be a sign that something is wrong.

Move your bodies now, not January 1st and give up January 2nd. It should be the "Merriest" time of the year but it is also the most stressful. If reading your magazine while taking a walk helps you to deal with your Christmas list, please do. Maybe take a dance class or give yoga a try. Make it fun and you are more likely to stick to it. Pick a 5k or a race and set a goal. Whatever works. And if you want to eat that sugar cookie, eat it. It really is all about balance. Just make sure you are filling up on veggies so that when you have one cookie your full.
Now I'm off my soap box.

Also please call, email, come talk to us January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or any other day of the year. We love hearing from you and loving getting spend time with you each week. We truly are blessed to have some of the most amazing people as clients and friends. If you want to start your New Years Resolution today call us at Champions Fitness Together 281 379 4422 or email at champions@fitnesstogether.com .


  1. YES!!! I too often want to raid someone's pantry/fridge when they say they eat well but don't notice changes in their body. And yeah..reading while "on the treadmill" is called distraction, not exercise. It's better to do 10 minutes of focused walking or running than 30 minutes of distracted activity. When you're distracted, you're more likely to injure yourself..and you're more likely to tell yourself you don't enjoy it because you expend so much energy just "getting through it." Not to mention, that if you're focused on the task at hand, you're breathing deeper which increases cellular metabolism - ergo, increasing calorie burn. Also, if you focus on the exercise, and let the endorphins do as they may..who knows, you may end up realizing you actually like it. Yoga is a great place to cultivate that focus, and then take it on the treadmill!

  2. Yoga is a wonderful place to learn to focus and learn to listen to your body. I'm so excited that you are doing gift certificates this Christmas! I have it on my Christmas list.