Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Flash!

Way to go Shirley! 10 lbs lost since she started 2 weeks ago. We are all so proud of you and the hard work you doing. It might be hard now but the payoff is completely worth it. Are you ready for your success story? Call the Champions Dream Team today and have a makeover of your own.

3x a week personal training Champions Fitness Together
1x a month massage  Champions Massage Heights
1x a week yoga class Cherry Blossom Yoga
Visits with Dr. Ted Piliszek
New wardrobe Scruples
Facial treatments DermaTouch RN
Nutritional counseling and food Champions My Fit Food
Teeth cleaning and whitening Dr. Patrick Swonke D.D.S
$100 gift certificate Anything Bling Boutique
Hair makeover Alan Murphy

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